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“We offer an expertise that comes from experience in holding positions that are instrumental in keenly understanding and being able to thoughtfully engage in a due diligence and underwriting process. We believe our clients have come to know our integrity, understanding of real estate markets and commitment to excellent service. You have all worked hard for the investment capital you are managing and we want to be part of the team that keeps it working and delivering returns for you.”

Karen E. Kennedy
President & Founder

  • Property Acquisition Criteria

    Property Acquisition Criteria

    As NASIS examines each property considered for acquisition, it is guided by the core values of objectivity and transparency, striving to earn the trust and confidence of our real estate investors/partners.

  • Our Experienced Team Knows Real Estate

    Our Experienced Team Knows Real Estate

    NASIS team members have a wealth of experience and expertise that comes from management experience and managing hundreds of properties, during many phases of a property’s lifecycle. Our team members have seen first-hand how market trends, mismanagement and unidentified realities can affect the performance of a property.

  • Our Work Has Put NAS On The Map

    Our Work Has Put NAS On The Map

    The NAS Investment Solutions team have held key positions in their real estate careers that make them perfectly positioned to underwrite and thoroughly conduct acquisition due diligence. Through our affiliated management company, NAS, our team has vast experience in and knowledge of markets and property classes throughout the country.

  • Our Properties Are Privately Offered Only To Accredited Investors, Family & Friends

    Our Properties Are Privately Offered Only To Accredited Investors, Family & Friends

    Each property must meet our high standards after our team’s thorough and detailed examination. It is then offered privately to qualified investors that we have a pre-existing relationship with, including family and friends.

Available Investment Properties

Investment properties and reinvestment options for accredited investors are underwritten by the NASIS team

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    2200 Bentonville – Sold Out

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