About National Asset Services

“We have a high level of expertise in managing all classes of commercial property with a proven track record of maximizing returns for investors throughout an investment’s hold period.”

Karen E. Kennedy, President and Founder, NAS

Since 2008, NAS has delivered positive results for 2,612 investment clients at 186 diverse properties in 31 states.  NAS’ portfolio of commercial real estate asset managed properties consists of approximately 25.39 million square feet, with a value of over $3.38 billion.

2,612 Client Served
21 Assets Refinanced
78 Assets Sold
186 Properties
31 States
$662.4 million Total Cash Distribution
$3.38 billion Managed Portfolio
25.39 million Managed Portfolio
Square Footage

Asset Management Specialist and Commercial Property Management

Many commercial real estate assets are underperforming, leading to lost opportunities for increasing revenue through better management. Changes in demographics, customer preferences, and national and local economic trends can all leave a property out-of-sync with the local marketplace. A conventional asset preservation approach adopted by some commercial real estate asset managers often creates flat-lining or even declining rents.  NAS uses an asset enhancement approach, one that leverages the superior expertise of our team and our own network of nationwide resources. By identifying market opportunities, community needs and economic trends, our experienced executives customize strategic plans to enhance the value of each property we manage.

The strategies we employ are as diverse as the properties we manage. We identify alternative ways to create revenue, work to minimize vacancies by retaining tenants long-term, and employ cost-cutting strategies that eliminate inefficiency without compromising service quality. Collectively, our strategies help ensure our clients realize the best possible outcome for their hard-earned investment dollars.

Comprehensive Commercial Real Estate Management Services

NAS delivers a wide range of commercial real estate asset management services that includes both property management and asset management. We are committed to meeting the diverse needs of our clients as we help them to optimize their properties for increased profitability.  With an average of more than 20 years of experience each, our team is qualified to manage all sectors of commercial real estate including office, retail, multifamily, medical office, student housing, senior assisted living, single-tenant and industrial flex property classes.

NAS has earned an unrivaled reputation for delivering results for investors in economically burdened properties and properties facing loan maturity. By identifying all strategic options and employing sound asset management techniques, we have helped clients across the country reach positive outcomes and protect their investments.

NAS’ commercial property management services include:

  • Commercial real estate strategy analysis.
  • Long-range business objectives.
  • Monitoring changing market conditions.
  • Property Investor relations.
  • Commercial real estate and investor accounting.
  • Tenant in common co-owner specialization.
  • Loan modification and workout solutions
  • Receiver and commercial real estate owned services.
  • Commercial real estate exit and hold strategies.
  • Commercial real estate management.
  • Property leasing marketing plans.
  • Exit and hold strategies
  • Tenant Retention plans.
  • Market research studies.
  • Property site selection.
  • Feasibility studies.
  • Insurance risk management.
  • Capital improvement planning and tracking.
  • Property tax appeal services.
  • Cost segregation services

Receivership Services

NAS’ commercial real estate management services include acting as a court-appointed receiver in response to ongoing market weakness and a growing inventory of commercial real estate facing foreclosure around the country. Karen E. Kennedy, President and founder of National Asset Services has acted as a court-appointed receiver for commercial real estate as part of foreclosure proceedings against the owners of those properties, on behalf of insurance companies and lenders.

The National Asset Services team offers skills and experience covering commercial property management, asset management, commercial property accounting and financial reporting, facilities management, financial analysis, lending and valuation services, sales and marketing, debt and equity sourcing, and construction management.