Parkside Medical Center

Howard Simon, Encino, CA Investor | Parkside Medical Center

2200 Bentonville

Harry Smith, Belmont, CA Investor | 2200 Bentonville

602 Sawyer Street, Houston

Greg Scott, San Diego, CA Investor | 602 Sawyer

602 Sawyer Street, Houston

Loretta Greenberg, Chatsworth, CA Investor | 602 Sawyer Street

Lynnhaven Square

Norm Purdy, Eugene, OR Investor | Lynnhaven Square

Town East

Ryan Epstein, Managing Director, Houston, TX Disposition Broker | Town East

ITC South

Spencer Tashima, San Anselmo, CA Investor | ITC Crossing South

Santa Monica Physicians Center

Stacey Sobel, San Francisco, CA Investor | Santa Monica Physicians Center

300 Four Falls

Judith Margulies, Purchase, NY Investors | 300 Four Falls

300 Four Falls

John C. Moffat, Holladay, UT Investor | 300 Four Falls

300 Four Falls

Jeff Resnik, Berkeley, CA Investor | 300 Four Falls

Darien Business Center

Judy Stewart, Williamsburg, VA Investor | Darien Business Center

Riverwood Place

Hal Coopersmith, Boynton Beach, FL Investor | Riverwood Place | Waterstone

Embassy Plaza Omaha Nebraska

Steven A. Goren, PhD, Tamarac, FL Investor | Embassy Plaza

Kings Cove

Cathy Scullin, Beverly Hills, CA Sr. VP, NAI Capital | Investor | Kings Cove

Multiple Properties

Donna Stevens, Newport Beach, CA Investor | Multiple Properties

Met Center 10

Samuel L. Brenner, Hallandale Beach, FL Investor | Embassy Plaza | Met Center 10

Wal Mart Way

Daniel M. Crane, Los Angeles, CA Investor | Wal Mart Way Shopping Center

Multiple Properties

Mo Tidemanis, San Clemente, CA Investor | Multiple Properties

Pinecrest Townhomes

Bruce Grimes, Kittery Point, ME Investor | Pinecrest Townhomes

Pinecrest Townhomes

Dick Newman, Poway, CA Investor | Pinecrest Townhomes

Pinecrest Townhomes

Bill Heiden, Wellesley, MA Investor | Pinecrest Townhomes

Multiple Properties

Alterio A-G Banks, Carpinteria, CA Investor | Multiple Properties

Parmer McNeil Plaza

Albert E. Engel III, Tavares, FL Investor | Parmer McNeil Plaza

Gateway at Denton

Jim Kirby, Signal Hill, CA Investor | Gateway at Denton

Chartwell Court Apartments

Ralph O. Farinas, Boca Raton, FL Investor | Chartwell Court Apartments

Pinecrest Townhomes

Don Senkeresty, San Jose, CA Investor | Pinecrest Townhomes

Chartwell Court Apartments

Paul Balas, Englewood, CO Investor | Chartwell Court Apartments

Town East

Holly Krupnick, Encino, CA Investor | Town East

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