Property owners across the country rely on NAS’ established team of experienced property managers with a track record of proven results. Great pride is taken in providing vision and leadership in developing strategies with practical, cost-effective execution that maximizes cash flow and optimizes operational costs.

Superior commercial property management not only requires that a property be managed from the big picture perspective of an owner, but demands detailed attention to controlling daily operational costs, generating revenue, and providing a quality living or work environment for all tenants. Because we use all available information to proactively identify market opportunities and underserved needs in local communities.  This information is used to optimize the performance of each asset we manage. 

Upon assuming property management responsibility, the NAS team begins to execute a strategic short-term and long-term plan designed to:

  • Minimize vacancies
  • Cultivate local and regional marketing opportunities
  • Explore alternative revenue options to offset declining or flat-lining rents
  • Control costs without jeopardizing the value of services
  • Closely monitor financial performance

Left unchecked, operating costs can quickly erode a property’s bottom line. NAS management executives aggressively negotiate with local service providers while leveraging nationwide relationships to deliver full budget control.

Timely, Proactive and Transparent Communication

Since the business environment in each market is always evolving, NAS recognizes that proactive management begins with proactive communication with tenants, the community and ownership. With a national portfolio, NAS combines the vast experience of its own team of professionals together with the best practices of other nationally recognized companies to develop a “best-practices” approach to implementing a thorough and comprehensive communication and reporting process.

Experience the NAS brand of commercial property management and enhance the value of your property. Contact us and quickly learn how we can deliver results for you.

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