NAS Helps Investors Facing Loan Maturities

NAS Helps Investors Facing Loan Maturities

NAS Uniquely Positioned to Deliver Positive Results for TIC Property Investors Facing Loan Maturities

National Asset Services, (NAS) one of the Nation’s leading commercial real estate management companies, has become an industry specialist in delivering positive results to tenants-in-common (TIC) investors facing loan maturities with limited options.  To date, the company has achieved positive results on behalf of TIC investors at over fifty properties nationwide in the past few years.

The property investors assisted by NAS, are part of the commercial real estate industry’s giant wave of 10-year CMBS loans that have been maturing since 2014.  Industry sources expect the total loan volume to peak in 2016-2017.

Acquisition of many TIC properties, by investors in the early-to-mid 2000’s, were done so with highly leveraged, interest-only loans.  Many Class-A properties that were offered as tenants-in-common property investments, prior to the 2008 recession, have become financially burdened due to mismanagement or underperformance by the property’s original investment sponsor.  The challenging economic conditions leave many TIC investors at risk of losing their investment because facing a loan maturity date with very few options and few resources to help them work towards a positive outcome.

NAS Helps Investors Facing Loan Maturities
The property investors assisted by NAS are part of the commercial real estate industrys giant wave of 10 year CMBS loans that have been maturing since 2014

“NAS was founded on a nationwide, tenant-in-common property management portfolio in 2008, giving us a unique advantage.  We have cultivated close working relationships with a vast, nationwide network of legal and management professionals as well as capital sources.  These factors place us in the best possible position to help TIC investors in properties facing a loan maturity date,” commented Karen E. Kennedy, President and Founder of National Asset Services.  “Because our executive team averages over 20 years of experience in commercial real estate and tenant-in-common property management, we have an innate understanding of the issues facing TIC property owners and how ownership decisions are made.”

NAS has proven success in quickly identifying and presenting options available to investors, while working aggressively to improve the property’s financial position and marketability through strategic leasing and prudent, cost-effective operations management.

“Our goal is to deliver as many potential exit strategies as is possible for each asset,” added Ms. Kennedy.  “Then, it is up to the TIC investors to select the option that best meets their goals and objectives. In our experience, delivering only one potential course of action does not give our clients the full spectrum of opportunities that may be present in the marketplace. Sometimes sale is the best exit, and other times it may be refinance. Ultimately, the decision is for the TICs to make, not NAS. It is their investment and hard earned dollars at risk and we respect that.”

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