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Adi is the former Commercial Portfolio Manager for Starpoint Properties overseeing 2.1 million square feet of commercial assets nationwide, valued at over $350 million.  Adi negotiated numerous lease transactions with nationwide chains and franchises achieving an unprecedented Starpoint record for commercial tenant retention.   Prior to Starpoint, Adi worked with Oakwood Corporate Worldwide assisting in the oversight of their commercial portfolio.

As a senior executive, Adi has been involved in corporate level committees to set and implement core competency strategies to increase profitability and has been credited with designing proprietary procedures to enhance property operational efficiency.  She has spent over 10 years within the tenant-in-common (TIC) arena and has networked to a broad range of brokers in the TIC sales and transactions forums.

Adi has an undergraduate degree from the University of California, San Diego and a post-graduate Master of Arts degree in Communication Management from the University of Southern California, the Annenberg School.  She is a licensed real estate salesperson in the State of California and has a Certified Shopping Center Management (CSM) designation from the International Council of Shopping Centers.

Get to Know
Adi Peery

Adi spends her free time fundraising for the community and in philanthropic efforts:

  • After a trip to Cambodia where she toured the trash dump ghettos of Phenom Penh, Adi became a contributor to the Cambodian Children’s Fund (CCF), an organization that promotes life-changing education, nourishment, and healing to some of Cambodia’s most destitute communities. Adi was so touched by the efforts of the founder, that she has sponsored a Cambodian child for the last 7 years and has had the opportunity to see a poverty-stricken young girl thrive into a viable Cambodian citizen.
  • Adi holds a semi-annual charity drive to contribute to her local Los Angeles domestic violence victims and women’s shelter.

Adi is an avid traveler and loves to go off the beaten path.  She loves playing tennis, reading, and watching FIFA Soccer World Cup matches.

Adi Peery in Cambodia

Adi enjoying the beauty of Angkor Wat, Cambodia